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Eco Tips

Here are some easy habits to start that will help reduce your carbon footprint while saving money!

The single largest factor that impacts your personal carbon footprint is your home energy usage, according to the Environmental Center at the University of Colorado. Making up 27% of your personal impact, home energy outweighs purchases (20%), transportation (19%), services (15%), recreation (14%) and food and drink (5%). For that reason, I have dedicated my practice as a Realtor to educating homeowners about small lifestyle changes that can help decrease their personal impact on the environment all while saving some money as well.

· Invest in low flow shower valves and toilets

· Install a Nest (or similar) thermostat to adjust energy usage throughout the day.

· Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or washing your face.

· Fix leaking valves and toilets. A leak can use hundreds of gallons of water a week.

· Have an energy audit done.

· Invest in better insulation in your home. Both in the attic and around windows and doors.

· Unplug appliance that aren’t in use.

· Turn off lights when you leave a room.

· Turn off the stove top about 5 minutes before your food is done. It will still cook during this time.

· Drink from a reusable water bottle.

· Bring reusable bags when you go grocery shopping.

· Go paperless on your bills. Less waste and easier to save.

· Replace bulbs with LED bulbs.

· Use electric landscaping equipment such as trimmers and mowers.